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Sident is the premier supplier of DAC sterilizer products and other Sirona equipment to dental practices in the UK. You can trust us to get your supplies to you with our quick, professional and affordable service, so contact us to find out more about our DAC sterlizer products.

Benefits of DAC Sterilizer Products

DAC sterilizer products are used in the important process of sterilization which takes place on a regular basis in any dental practice. Instruments must be cleaned and sterilized constantly in order to reduce the danger of cross contamination of a wide ranges of viruses including Herpes, TB, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.

All of our DAC sterilizer products come with a number of benefits:

  • Reduce cross-contamination risks – full sterilization that complies with the highest standards of hygiene means you drastically reduce cross-contamination risks for your patients.
  • Reduce instrument repairs – DAC sterilizer equipment removes dirt from internal channels in the instruments leading to fewer repairs and a longer lifetime for your equipment.
  • Save time – DAC sterilizer products reduce the time required to clean and lubricate hand pieces, turbines and contra angles.
  • Superior sterilization – all DAC sterilizer equipment complies with the highest standards of hygiene.
  • Greater convenience – small and robust designs make DAC sterilizer equipment suitable for any practice.

Choose from Our DAC Sterilizer Products

At Sident we supply two DAC sterilizer products that can be used in any practice to sterilize equipment and instruments quickly, simply and to a high standard.

DAC Universal

DAC Universal can clean, lubricate and sterilize up to six instruments – including wrapped instruments – in just 12 minutes.

The external wash stage washes the instruments twice with cold water and once with hot water, which is a quick and effective way to remove biofilm and dirt from the inner channels. Attempting to clean instruments manually can be very difficult, so this saves you time and effort.

It then has a lubrication process followed by three processes for sterilization, including two at 134 degrees and one at 121 degrees. During this stage, the back flush forces saturated steam through the instruments to ensure that they are sterilized both internally and externally.

DAC Professional

The DAC Professional autoclave complies with EN 13060 requirements and provides a top level of sterilization to improve safety for patients.

The simple, robust design makes it a reliable sterilizer that is perfect for any dental practice. It has a number of cycle options including those for wrapped load and unwrapped, and it contains five internal trays which can be configured into three larger trays for larger equipment.

It provides complete steam penetration and is especially effective for sterilizing difficult instruments, making it the ideal sterilization solution for your practice.

Choose Sident for Your DAC Sterilizer Equipment

At Sident we have been supplying Sirona products to the UK market for 30 years. We are the premier provider of Sirona equipment including DAC sterilizer products, so you can trust us to provide you with the high-quality products you need.

Contact Sident today on 01932 582900 or Email us and we’ll be happy to discuss your DAC sterilizer requirements with you.

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